Saturday, March 17, 2012

Berlin Impressions.... 1

Last weekend I've been in Berlin with a friend. It's been so great. We arrived on Friday night- and my best friend  surprised me with tickets for "Holiday on Ice"...It's been a great show- also for those who don't like Ice-skating pretty much.Really colourful and amazing- and so were the outfits of the participants, too.(Unfortunately, it wasn't allowed to take photos of the show.)
Saturday, after a really delicious brunch, we went to Sea Life Center, Madame Tussauds, shopping at Alexa and had a dinner on Berlin TV tower. On Sunday after another expansive brunch we cruised over the river Spree and had a beautiful view on the city. After that we went to Pergamon Museum, with Assisi Panometer- I've been there a few years ago and it's still amazing to go there.The last thing we did before we had to drive back home- was a little trip to "Hackesche Höfe" a real nice area of Berlin-it combines a small shopping area and Cafes in small beautiful backyards.
... wish I could do a trip like this as soon as possible again.
Today I'm gonna show you a few pics of Sea Life Center and Madame Tussauds... (other pics will follow)


David Garret - he's so cute!!!
George ...

my new buddy Shrek- cool guy ;)